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A Tale of Love and Survival in the Amazon


Journey to the Amazon to meet Inti and Chasca, two jaguar cubs who live in the rainforest with their mama. They spend their days making friends with birds and butterflies, swimming in rock pools, and learning to roar.

Everything changes the day sky machines and land machines invade their forest. Afraid for their lives, the cubs escape with their mama under the cloak of night.

​Now everywhere they travel, surprises and dangers await them.
​Will they ever find a safe home?


“The Jaguar’s Story has everything you could wish for in a children’s book: instantly lovable characters, humor, suspense, an urgent and timely message, a learning opportunity, and artwork that makes you feel you’re in the Amazon rainforest! An absolute treat for all ages.”
—Vrinda Sheth, author of the award-winning Sita’s Fire Trilogy

“Another beautiful gift to our world from Kosa Ely. Let’s save jaguars and other rainforest animals from extinction. Let’s do it.”
—John Robbins, International bestselling author and founder of Food Revolution Network

“An excellent new tale reiterating an old—but still relevant—ecological issue.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Kosa Ely’s The Jaguar’s Story is a spell-binding story of the very real challenges faced by jaguars living in the Amazon. The language is beautiful in its simplicity, and the story is brought to life by Radhe Gendron’s vivid and captivating illustrations. Though this book is subtly educational, I was enthralled by the quality of storytelling. On par with stories like The Lion King, children of all ages will LOVE reading this book again and again.”
—David Estes, book-loving dad and bestselling children’s and YA author

“What a gorgeous way to educate children and bring awareness to all of us about the importance of jaguars and their habitat. The story is engaging, the art stunning, and the message long overdue. Every home, school, and library ought to have this lovely book in their collection.”
—Diamantina Navarro, Librarian

“A mother jaguar leads her cubs on a perilous journey to safety from the dangers of their shrinking habitat. On the way to their new faraway home, the playful cubs witness the destruction of their natural environment and learn skills of survival. A sigh of relief is felt when they succeed in finding their promised land, but will it be safe for long?”
—David Shapiro, Screenwriter and Film Producer



The Jaguar’s Story Hardbound Book

48 full-color pages
Large format 10 x 11 inches (25 x 28 cm)
High quality offset printing
Hardbound with stitched binding and wrapped in a stunning dust jacket
Manufactured ecologically in Canada
Printed on FSC paper using non-toxic vegetable inks
ISBN: 978-0-9996654-0-4

Jaguar Cub Pack

The Jaguar Cub Pack includes the Jaguar’s Story hardbound book, activity book, and audio book. ​It’s the perfect pack for any child, young or old, to journey to the Amazon for an unforgettable rainforest adventure.


The Jaguar’s Story Activity Book
An extra fun perk for the kids. Children will get to draw rosettes on a jaguar, color rainforest scenery, and help a lost cub find his way home.
​(Soft-bound, 8 x 10 inches (20 x 25 cm), 24 pages)


The Jaguar’s Story hardbound book
A jaguar and rainforest book like no other! Superb storytelling, captivating illustrations, great info about Amazonian fauna and flora, a matching game and more.
​(Hardbound, 10 x 11 (25 x 28 cm), 48 pages)


The Jaguar’s Story audio book
Narrated by the author and accompanied by an exotic rainforest soundtrack and original music, the audio book is entertaining on it’s own, and helpful for children learning to read.

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