“will prove a popular addition to any school or community library picturebook collection”

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“Based upon the sacred writings of ancient India, The Prince And The Polestar is the story of young Prince Dhruva, who wishes to rule a kingdom greater than his father’s. His determination takes him to the forest in search of Lord Narayan—the only one who can help him realize his desire. Young readers ages 6 to 12 will share in the exciting adventures Prince Dhruva encounters along the way with wild animals, saintly sages, severe austerities, and the eventual winning of a greater treasure than he ever imagined. Enhanced with her color illustrations, Kosa Ely’s able retelling of this entertaining and highly recommended tale will prove a popular addition to any school or community library picturebook collection.”

—James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review


I’m pleased to inform you that the March issue of “Children’s Bookwatch” features The Prince And The Polestar on page 5, column 2. This review has also been posted to the internet website :The School Page” for use

on their website for teachers and home schoolers; made available to the University of Wisconsin’s “Cooperative Children’s Book Center” for the benefit of Wisconsin school and community librarians; and forwarded for inclusion in Gale Research Company’s interactive CD-ROM series “Book Review Index” for school and public library systems. This review will be posted for five months on our Midwest Book Review website.

I look forward to your next title!

James A. Cox

“elegantly retold with sensitivity and color”

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“I enjoyed reading The Prince And The Polestar, elegantly retold with sensitivity and color. The illustrations perfectly complement the text, and both are done well. To me, this points to the obvious fact that the artist and writer—both existing in the person of Kosa Ely—have a tremendously high regard for the subject. The love with which this project was undertaken can be seen on each page, and between the lines as well.”

—Steven J. Rosen, (Satyaraja Dasa) Author, Editor of Journal of Vaishnava Studies

“will appeal to readers of all ages and backgrounds”

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“The Prince And The Polestar is a story from ancient India retold and illustrated by Kosa Ely with great sensitivity and imaginative expression. A timeless classic has been presented here in a most uplifting and creative manner, with excellent character portrayal as well as descriptive imagery—–a work prepared, clearly, with a heart-felt appreciation for the subject matter. I am always delighted to find an author who is capable of allowing
stories from the ancient past to speak meaningfully to us in modern times, and Kosa Ely has achieved this. The message of the story, that our relationships of love with dear ones and the beloved Lord, are everlasting and worth more than any amount of worldly gain, is presented in charming narrative and inspiring illustration. The world projected by the text is filled with kings, wise sages, subordinate deities, and the supreme divinity known as
Narayana, or Vishnu, understood in India as supremely powerful yet very accessible and very intimate as a deeply loved friend. Her warm rendition will appeal to readers of all ages and backgrounds.”

—Graham M. Schweig, Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Christopher Newport University

“an exquisite presentation of one of the most loved stories of South Asia”

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” The Prince And The Polestar by Kosa Ely is an exquisite presentation of one of the most loved stories of South Asia. The text and illustrations are faithful to the original yet ingeniously creative and innovative. Although this book was conceived as a children’s book, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it myself. ”

—H. D. Goswami, Ph.D. Sanskrit and Indian Studies, Harvard University

“a story of pathos and enlightenment”

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“It is an ancient, moving story, beautifully retold for a modern audience. The book will appeal to readers on many levels. Children will love the story of Dhruva, the child who craved his father’s affection. Adults will see this as a story of pathos and enlightenment. Superbly illustrated by the author herself, this handsome book will appeal to everyone who loves a good story and to anyone who seeks eternal light.”

—Vashuda Narayanan, Professor of Religion, University of Florida

“Thank you”

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Thank you for your enthusiasm in Krishna consciousness and your ardent desire to make the Lord’s and His devotees’ pastimes available to children. May all success be yours. With love, Visakha dasi

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