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20170331_074145Imagine 11 family members, ages 1 to 82, glamping out at an ocean-front, off-the-grid, yoga retreat center on the island of Hawaii. Pretty cool, right? When my kid sister first told us her brilliant idea, I had doubts Dad would share her enthusiasm.

20170402_101857_002But my sister worked her magic, and Dad and Mom agreed. A few months later 4 sisters, 3 brothers-in-law, one niece, 2 parents, and a friend convened at Hale Kai.

20170402_080833This is no ordinary place. Hale Kai (Hawaiian for Ocean House) is a charming ecological yoga center designed and built by David over the past 30 years.
20170402_080643Once an acre of thorn trees, now it is a mini Balinese yoga village. Ask him and he will tell you about each piece of reclaimed wood he refinished or milled to build the floors, the decks and railings; the materials each roof is made from; the beautiful cabinets from coconut wood, and so on. Some of the huts David designed and had made in Bali.
20170402_080554My husband and I stayed in the Rose Room, which is a reconstructed Balinese Ceremonial hut with beautiful carvings inside and out.
20170331_084009Deborah, yogini extraordinaire, has been practicing and teaching yoga since 1969. My sister Nicole took her yoga teacher training here at Hale Kai with Deborah, and has been an assistant teacher ever since.
20170401_074645This yoga shala, and their retreat center, is the perfect place to relax, breathe deeply, and stretch.
20170402_080737Not everyone would choose to vacation in such a rustic setting,
20170401_075423but it has its advantages.
Probably the greatest benefit of being off-the-grid is having quality time together (which rarely happens when everyone is plugged into their daily lives and tech devices).
20170329_182426Without the distraction and noise of media, we talked, walked, swam, snorkeled, practiced yoga, sang, and ate together. Definitely the most peaceful and happy family get-together I’ve experienced.
20170402_095032Content in the hammock, my awesome Dad.

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