The Jaguar's Story - a tale of love and survival in the Amazon

Journey to the Amazon to meet Inti and Chasca, two jaguar cubs who live in the rainforest with their mama. They spend their days making friends with birds and butterflies, swimming in rock pools, and learning to roar.

Everything changes the day sky machines and land machines invade their forest. Afraid for their lives, the cubs escape with their mama under the cloak of night.

Now everywhere they travel, surprises and dangers await them.
Will they ever find a safe home?

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"The Jaguar’s Story brought me back to memories of my childhood in Mexico City where I was surrounded by rich Jaguar imagery and folklore. As those stories impressed themselves fondly into my heart, I hope the valuable messages in this book do the same for many young readers all around the world." —Catherine Schweig, author and co-founder of The Secret Yoga Institute

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