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youngBoyBeachIt’s simple and it’s free, and everyone can do it as often as they like. Whether you choose a riverbed, a beach, a mountaintop, or your own backyard, walking barefoot on the earth recharges and rebalances your earthly body.

JumpingGirlsBarefootThe best shoes are truly your own feet. Your feet have more nerve endings than anywhere else on your body; about 1300 per square inch. When barefoot, your feet absorb the magnetic energy of the earth and distribute that energy throughout every nerve and organ in your body. Walking barefoot increases blood flow to the brain and awakens creativity. It also strengthens the muscles in your feet, legs and back, improving your posture and overall physical strength.

childongrassShoes on the other hand, insulate you from the earth, restricting your feet’s natural movement and blocking their ability to feel, and to recharge. While shoes are great at protecting your feet from freezing snow and rough terrain, whenever possible, kick off your shoes and let your feet feel the earth beneath them.

YogaTreePoseBeachBarefoot Yoga

For thousands of years people have practiced their daily yoga barefoot. All the muscles in the body work together, so to achieve optimal strength, flexibility, and balance throughout your entire body, ditch the shoes.

ZuluDancerTry Dancing barefoot

Along with walking and running barefoot, you can add dancing barefoot to your repertoire and you’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your arms, abs and core muscles too.

FireplaceBareFeetBarefoot in the House

Try leaving your shoes at the door when you come home. Barefoot living inspires more dance and yoga movement. It also helps keep the house clean.

BarefootWomanPathChoose shoes that help, not hurt, your posture

Once you’re playing outdoors in your bare feet, recharging energetically, and rebalancing and strengthening your body, remember to choose wisely the shoes you wear. Shoes that cause aches and pains or poor posture aren’t worth wearing. Your feet are too important! The strength and health of your feet affect the health and posture of your entire body.

two feet airReconnecting with Your Inner Child

I’ve heard those unaccustomed to a barefoot lifestyle comment that walking barefoot is like being a child again. Isn’t it past time we let our inner child out to play? Cast off the shoes and run barefoot through a grassy field, pick wildflowers and roll down the hill giggling. Go ahead and climb the trees, play in the river, and talk to the stars. Run and splash through the waves at the beach, climb the rocks, and play in the sand. Reawakening childhood playfulness is healing too.

MomKidGrassLearning from a Child

While there is so much, perhaps too much, to learn in the present age of information, some of what we need to know most is intuitive, and can be learned from a child. Next time you see a child kicking off her shoes to run around barefoot, follow her lead, and kick your shoes off too!

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