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bali01The last two nights the rains came, cooling everything and bringing gentle winds.

grass roof hut

The musical grass roof hut

From inside the hut, I awoke to what sounded like millions of jewels cascading down upon us. Listening for awhile to the sweet sound, I was unsure rain alone could make this music. I got up, opened the curtains, and walked out the door. Yes, it is the rain. Beautiful rain. And then it stopped.

Shipibo Rain stick

Shipibo Rain stick

The second night it rained much longer. This time I recognized its music.

It is the music of the rain-stick. When you tilt a rain-stick, back and forth, its small beans pour from side to side, creating music in the hollow of its wood.

Traditional Balinese Alang Alang grass roof

Traditional Balinese Alang Alang grass roof

This Balinese hut, with its thatched roof, receives the rains into its Alang Alang grass, and with the hollow of the room below, the three together create this music. Looking up, I imagine being inside a moving rain-stick, with beans pouring down around me, as the clouds pour rain from the sky.

What an enchanting sound vibration.bali05

For hours it envelops me.

Only after the rainclouds travel on does sleep reclaim me.

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