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Costa Rica Black Sand Beach

Sunrise at Hermosa Beach, Costa Rica

“If you’ve seen one beach, you’ve seen them all,” said an elderly man I thought I knew, until he spoke that one telling line. Aghast by such a shallow perception of millions of exquisite, unique beaches, I recoiled. In that moment I doubted we would agree much on life, love, beauty or the heavens.


I know rock climbers who are full of fascinating descriptions of the terrain they have crossed and the mountains they have climbed.  I know sailors who speak of the oceans and skies with awe and reverence. I know gardeners who marvel at the beauty of each and every flower and plant.

Sun splashed rocks on Puerto Rico's Caribbean Coast

Sun splashed rocks on Puerto Rico’s Caribbean Coast


Is there no profession or hobby to describe the beach wanderer, the ocean addict who is tethered hopelessly to the beach and her intoxicating beauty?


Or are we a sorted lot of artists, poets, musicians, writers, surfers, children, and lovers, who wander the beaches, on foot and in our dreams? Feeling her magnificence, as we feel our insignificance, and while marveling at her strength, feel energized with supernatural powers.

Feeling the ocean's magnificence while experiencing our own insignificance.

Feeling the ocean’s magnificence


Where is your favorite place of natural beauty that inspires you and calls to you, even in your dreams? Please share with us in the comments below.

Walking at the beach, even in my dreams

Walking at the beach, even in my dreams

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  1. 2-18-2014

    I couldn’t disagree more with the elderly gentleman’s assessment. Having spent a great deal of my time here in the US in the beautiful mountains of western NC I was and still continue to be fascinated by the majesty of the mountains. However, when I met my better half, I started to appreciate the beauty, majesty, serenity and the uncontrollable power of the ocean. Her influence has rubbed off on me and over the last several years I’ve made it a point to choose our vacation spots to be within very close proximity of the mighty Atlantic, Pacific or Caribbean. And in this time, photographing the different faces of the ocean has only made me fall in love with the different facets of the beautiful force of Nature called water! Amongst all the beaches we’ve been to our personal favorites are the ones on the western coast of Puerto Rico (Los Morillos Lighthouse area) and the Grand Cayman Islands. The solitude and the pristine nature of these beaches have left a lasting impression on us.


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