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“In my home, Kosa Ely’s first book The Prince and the Polestar, is a big favorite. My children love the tale of Prince Dhruva and can recite the text by heart. Now, after having the pleasure of reading her second offering, ‘The Peaceable Forest’, I am thrilled to have another certain family favorite for bedtimes! The story is heart-meltingly sweet. The spiritual and moral voice in this book is very well introduced, with nothing jarring in it’s message, though the message is strong. The illustrations, by Anna Johansson, are very beautiful and flow wonderfully with the text. The subject is close to my own heart, that of kindness to animals. I feel that all children love this subject too, and by reading The Peaceable Forest will come to understand the deeper meaning behind nonviolence to animals, and peace in general. I shall be reading this book to my little children tonight, and, I am guessing, many more nights to come… and my only question to Ms. Ely is… when will your next book be coming out?”

–Pia, Award-winning Singer and Songwriter

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